Pro-Ed Therapy Department

The therapy department in Pro-Ed is staffed by a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals , dedicated to provide high quality and caring services to the public. Our therapist team work closely to serve people in needed, including children, youngsters, adults and their caregivers.


Features of our therapy services:

  • Professional diagnosis, case analysis and treatment plan are provided on a client-oriented ..approach
  • The individualized intervention plan is designed based on each client's age, abilities, needs and desires
  • English and Cantonese can be chosen as the medium of conducting therapy
  • Treatment progress are regularly reviewed with our clients and care-givers


Mode of services:

  • One-to-one therapy
  • Therapy Group
  • Outreaching service (Kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools)
  • Domiciliary service
  • Adult or elderly group service
  • Professional talks/ workshops ( Can bePre-primary Education Voucher Scheme )


Our therapy services include:

- Speech Therapy

- Occupational Therapy

- Physiotherapy

- Prosthetics and Orthotics

- Music Assisted therapy