Pro-Ed Therapy Department

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the science of rehabilitation which aims at serving patients suffering from different all sorts of communication or swallowing difficulties. Through a series of tailor-made intervention, the comprehension, expression, organization, thinking, social, learning, attention, reading, articulation, disfluency, swallowing and voice problems of the clients can be improved.


Population served

  • Language Problem (Global delay, Autism, Autistic Features, Cerebral Palsy, Specific Language Disorder)
  • Articulation ProblemOro-motor problem, phonological and phonetic problem, lazy articulation, ..cleft lip and palate
  • Social ProblemLack interaction intention, Autism, Autistic Features, Asperger Syndrome
  • Voice ProblemVoice Volume Control Problem, Voice Quality Problem, Frequent Pitch Break, Aphonia)
  • Hearing Problem
  • Fluency Problem (Stuttering)
  • Reading Problem 
  • Neurological Communication DisorderAphasia, Apraxia, Dyspharia
  • Swallowing Problem


《Speech Therapy Service : School-based Supporting Programme