Pro-Ed Therapy Department

Speech Therapy

Pro-Ed School-based supporting programme:



Backed by top-notched clinical and theoretical knowledge, our speech therapist team helps to implement school-based speech therapy services so as to enhance students' overall communication by supporting students, parents, teachers and the schools. We also assist the school to develop an inclusive culture and adopt a whole school approach to support all students.


Serving population:

Students with language problem studying in main stream schools (Including language, articulation, voice, fluency and social problems) , their teachers and parents.


Pro-Ed Service:

Detailed clinical notes, assessment and progress reports

Integrate training goals into the school curriculum

Provide detailed and clear home practice

Make use of Information technology to make the therapy session more fun

Help to set up the resource centre at school

To develop inclusive culture ?(Peer teachers scheme)


Qualification of speech therapistas:

All Speech therapists are well experienced and have obtained the speech therapy practicing qualification, some of the therapists also have attained the master degree qualification.


Details of the program:

Pro-Ed school-based speech therapy program fully fulfills the requirements of EDB. We provide services to students, parents, teachers and schools through remediation, prevention and enhancement. The details of the service and be tailor-made for each participating schools.


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