Pro-Ed Learning Department

Every child has his or her own potential. Pro-Ed believes that with tailor-made curriculum and guidance from professional teachers, the potential of each individual can be developed to his or her maximum. Our learning department offers courses of different kinds catering pre-schoolers, school-aged children, youngsters and their parents.


Features of our courses:

  • Course syllabuses and teaching materials designed by experienced trainers and therapists
  • Fun and systematic learning procedure
  • Courses aim at developing and unlocking the boundless potential of children
  • Nurture learner's motivation to acquire new knowledge by self-learning
  • Resources are updated regularly so as to fulfill the needs of different students, parents and schools


Mode of learning courses:

We offer different courses to our children, parents and other education groups or organizations. We organize:

  • Individual lesson
  • Group lesson
  • Outreach teaching program (kindergarten and primary schools)
  • Children and parent classes
  • Workshops/ talks for teachers
  • Workshops/ talks for parents
  • Collaboration with different organizations


Courses details:

Our learning course include:

- Music Courses

- English Courses

- Children development Courses